• Sweet Orange: Citrus Sinensis Dulcis
• Fights against pain, infection and chronic inflammation
• Rejuvenates skin and prevents signs of aging
• Calms anxiety and reduces stress levels
• Treats the symptoms of colds and flus

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Why Choose Poya Sweet Orange Essential Oil?

The familiar orange scent makes this one of the world’s most popular oils and the heart of many floral blends. Its gentle, clarifying nature cheers the heart, brightens the mood and is a valuable oil for many ailments.

This luscious-smelling Essential Oil is cold-pressed from the sweet fruit of a Brazilian evergreen that is smaller than the Bitter Orange tree. Its scent of medium strength is used as a middle note in perfumery, while the oil is concentrated and bright, and blends well with other citruses and spices.

Orange Sweet oil contains about 90% limonene, which is in many household cleaners. Because of this, Orange Sweet oil is used as an eco-friendly alternative to many common household cleaners.

• Sweet Orange: Citrus Sinensis Dulcis
• Origin: Brazil
• Extraction Method: Expression
• Aromatherapy Class: Bactericidal, Cholagogue
• Aroma Type: Citrus, Sweet
• Blending Oils: Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Ginger, Sandalwood, Neroli

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