• Peppermint: Mentha Piperta
• A topical application for relief from itching, muscle pain and headache
• A flavouring agent in foods and products such as mouth wash
• Treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, nausea and other digestive issues
• Relieves congestion and the symptoms of colds


Why Choose Poya Peppermint Essential Oil?

The aroma of Peppermint Oil is familiar to most – potent, fresh and minty that produces a cooling and refreshing sensation. A favourite around Christmas and the holidays, it is well – known for its refreshing and revitalizing properties

This refreshing garden herb has been used as a flavouring agent and medicinal home remedy for centuries. It’s thin, usually colourless or pale yellow steam-distilled oil has been produced for commercial use in North America since the 1700s, where half of the world’s mint continues to be grown.

The Peppermint leaves contain menthol which induces a cooling sensation and use of Peppermint Oil in a body mist or in a diffuser could cool you down. It is a well-known fact that menthol helps ease tension headaches, muscular aches, and pains. Emotionally, Peppermint Oil is known to be stimulating and is a good choice for blends intended to enhance alertness and stamina.

Poya Peppermint Essential Oil Properties

• Peppermint: Mentha Piperta
• Origin: India
• Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
• Aromatherapy Class: Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory
• Aroma Type: Minty, Fresh, Potent
• Blending Oils: Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Marjoram, Rosemary

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