Poya Clove Bud Essential Oil


Minimize germs, reduce irritability and relieve headaches

  • Known as the oil of empowerment
  • Anti- aging, antibacterial and antioxidant
  • Spicy and sweet fragrance
  • 100% Pure and natural
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Poya Clove Bud Essential Oil

Poya Clove Bud Essential Oil is an intensely aromatic oil and is derived from the bud of the Syzgium aromaticum tree. At the start of the rainy season, long buds appear. They change colour over time and are beaten from the trees and dried. These are the cloves that are sold commercially.

Clove Bud Essential Oil smells like the actual cloves from which it has been distilled. Spicy and sweet with a slight herbaceous note, the oil itself is pale yellow to dark brown and is well – known for its analgesic properties. And hence popular as a first aid for oral problems and balms for sore muscles and joints.

The other properties include: analgesic, anti- aging, antibacterial, anticlotting, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antiviral, carminative, expectorant, insecticide and a stimulant. It is also widely used in contemporary Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

  • GCMS Tested
  • Undiluted and Therapeutic Grade
How to use
  • Add a drop of our Clove Bud Essential Oil to a tbsp. of body cream for a gentle underarm deodorant, or add 3 drops for a fragrant foot cream.
  • Add 3 drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil in a bowl of water, with a few drops of  Orange Sweet Essential Oil to give a holiday scent to your kitchen.
  • Add few drops of Clove Bud Oil in a spray bottle with 1 cup distilled water just shake and spray throughout the house, or leave in the bathroom to dispel odours.
About Clove Bud
  • Clove Bud Essential Oil is derived from the slender evergreen that grows up to 12 meters in height (approximately 36 feet).
  • At the start of the rainy season, long buds appear that change color over time and are beaten from the trees and dried. These are the cloves that are sold commercially.
  • The word ‘clove’ comes from the Latin word clavus, meaning nail, because the shaft and head of the clove bud resembled an ancient nail.
  • Cloves were among the most precious of spices of Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, and were worth more than their weight in gold. They continue to be used in Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, western herbalism, and in dentistry.

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