• Stimulate the Brain, Aid in Decision Making
  • Promotes Productivity, Concentration, and Focus!
  • Aromatherapy Roll On Blend
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Blended with Jojoba Oil
  • Portable, Convenient Size
  • 10ml Bottle

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Why Choose Finesse Focus Concentration Pure Essential Oil Blend?

This Finesse Focus Concentration Pure Essential Oil Blend is designed to help stimulate the brain, improve concentration, and aid decision making. This essential oil blend is an excellent choice for those who need to study or have difficulty with concentration.

Blending the essential oils with Jojoba oil makes them perfect for use on your skin. Roll this blend on your wrist, forehead, or back of neck throughout the day as required. Use this blend throughout your day or as a nighttime ritual!

Finesse Focus Concentration Pure Essential Oil Roll On is a wonderful aromatherapy blend that is a handy purse size! Each bottle contains 10ml of product. Every blend contains pure naturally grown essential oils and Jojoba oil.

Product Attributes
  • Pure Essential Oils: Rosemary Essential Oil, Italian Lemon Essential Oil
  • Carrier Oil: Jojoba oil
  • Size: 10ml bottles
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