• individually wrapped
  • high quality Korean style acupuncture needles
  • made from surgical grade stainless steel
  • spring handles do not  discolour
  • smooth and painless insertion with every use
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Why Choose Shinlin Acupuncture Needles?

ShinLin acupuncture needles can help alleviate chronic pain. By targeting a specific zone, ShinLin needles trigger the body’s release of endorphins, which helps to relieve pain associated with the area. Whether it’s pain in your head or joints, joint pain from arthritis or simply cramps and muscle soreness, acupuncture can help. ShinLin Acupuncture Needles now available in Canada are the Acupuncturist’s Choice for TCM professionals. Each needle is individually wrapped for the greater convenience of the acupuncturist and the client.
These high quality Korean style acupuncture needles are made of surgical grade stainless steel. The added Spring handle does not discolour. Automatic needle point sharpening technology insures consistent and high-performance needle tips. Client will find painless, smooth needle insertion every time.

  • Each needle size can be differentiated by the removable colour coded tabs.
  • All needles have 20-25mm Spring handles for easy, one movement insertion and a comfortable grip!
  • Each box contains 100 needles.

Why Buy ShinLin Acupuncture Needles
Easy Handling

ShinLin acupuncture needles are designed and packaged to be convenient and easy to handle. Whether you’re a novice practitioner or a seasoned veteran of acupuncture, you’ll find that ShinLin needles provide you with a safe, comfortable experience from the moment you open the package.

High-Quality Crafting

ShinLin needles are crafted in the Korean style of acupuncture needles, imparting thousands of years of perfection into a design that’s expertly crafted. Surgical-grade stainless steel ensures that your needles will last and that you’ll never experience any discolouration.

Smooth and Painless Acupuncture Treatments

The intention of acupuncture is to relieve pain—not cause it. ShinLin needles are designed and crafted with the utmost care to ensure smooth and painless insertion with every single use. The precisely sharpened tips and quality craftsmanship ensure that treatments are comfortable and relaxing rather than painful.

Great for Acupuncture Practitioners

If you’re a seasoned practitioner of acupuncture, ShinLin can provide you with the quality and durability you expect from top-of-the-line acupuncture needles. To accommodate your needs and the needs of your patients, ShinLin needles come in boxes of 100, 1000 or in Tear Away bulk.


These acupuncture needles are a device intended to pierce the skin during the practice of acupuncture by qualified practitioners.

  • Keep away from heat and moisture
  • For single use only
  • Keep out of reach of children.

To find a qualified acupuncturist or learn more about acupuncture please visit the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada

Shipping Information

Weight N/A
Needle Size

0.25x50mm, 0.30x40mm, 0.22x25mm, 0.25x25mm, 0.30x13mm, 0.22x13mm, 0.22x40mm, 0.25x13mm, 0.20x13mm, 0.18x13mm, 0.25x75mm, 0.30x60mm, 0.30x50mm, 0.20x40mm, 0.25x40mm, 0.20x25mm, 0.18x25mm, 0.16x25mm, 0.16x13mm, 0.30x75mm

No. of Boxes

1 Box (100 Needles), 10 Boxes (1000 Needles)


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