• Made of surgical grade stainless steel
  • Aluminum alloy wire wound loop handle is convenient for use with Tens and moxibustion
  • Non-silicone coated needles shafts for patients with silicone allergies
  • Each needle come with a guide tube and a color-coded plastic tab.
  • Needles are Individually packaged
  • 100 needles per box
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Why Choose Lierre Plus Acupuncture Needles?

Lierre Plus acupuncture needles made of surgical grade stainless steel.
An added Aluminum alloy wire wound loop handle is an added benefit when using with Tens and moxibustion.
Please note these needles have non-silicone coated needles shafts and are well-suited for patients with silicone allergies. All Needles are  microscopically produced, cleaned and processed.
Each needle has one guide tube and a color-coded plastic tab for your working convenience.
Each box of Lierre Plus Acupuncture Needles contain 100 Individually packaged needles per box.

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Needle Size

0.16x13mm, Box/100, 0.20x13mm, Box/100, 0.20x25mm, Box/100, 0.22x25mm, Box/100, 0.25x25mm, Box/100, 0.22x40mm, Box/100, 0.25x40mm, Box/100, 0.30x40mm, Box/100, 0.30x75mm, Box/100


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