• best quality and affordable acupuncture needles in the market
  • silicone coated needle shafts
  • surgical stainless steel, Traditional copper wire-wound loop handle tops
  • each sterile needle comes with an insertion tube
  • needles individually packaged in a sealed blister
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Why Choose Acu Relaxo Acupuncture Needles?

Acu Relaxo™ acupuncture needles represent quality and affordable acupuncture needles. Lierre feels these are the best  in the market.
These professional acupuncture needles have silicone coated needle shafts that ensure almost painless insertion into the skin.
Made of highest surgical stainless steel with traditional copper wire-wound loop handle tops.
The manufacturers advanced computer quality control system ensures each needle’s quality and consistency.
Specifications of Acu Relaxo Acupuncture Needles

  • One sterile needle with one insertion tube; packaged in an individually sealed blister
  • Packaged with 100 needles per box

Acu Relaxo™ acupuncture needles represent the newest and best technological innovation in acupuncture needle production. These products meet acupunterists and practitioners’ needs. The needles provide a smooth and painless insertion, and maximizing patients’ comfort during treatments.

Compared with the popular brands of acupuncture needles in the market, the  Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles are competitive both in its quality and affordability.


These acupuncture needles are a device intended to pierce the skin during the practice of acupuncture by qualified practitioners.

  • Keep away from heat and moisture
  • For single use only
  • Keep out of reach of children.

To find a qualified acupuncturist or learn more about acupuncture please visit the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada

Shipping Information

Weight 0.06 kg
Needle Size

0.25x50mm, 0.30x75mm, 0.20x40mm, 0.22x50mm, 0.35x100mm, 0.25x75mm, 0.30x100mm, 0.30x40mm, 0.14x13mm, 0.25x13mm, 0.16x25mm, 0.18x13mm, 0.22x40mm, 0.22x13mm, 0.18x25mm, 0.20x13mm, 0.35x125mm, 0.30x60mm, 0.30x50mm, 0.25x40mm, 0.25x25mm, 0.20x25mm, 0.22x25mm, 0.16x13mm

No. of Boxes

10 Boxes (1000 Needles), 1 Box (100 Needles)


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