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The Simcan Comfort Sock

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The Simcan Comfort Sock

The most comfortable high-stretch sock you will ever wear, no matter what the foot size

The Simcan Comfort Sock® is knit with a unique expandable leg that provides consistent comfort from the low profile toe seam to the very top of the cuff. It is designed to accommodate almost any size leg and not restrict the wearer’s vascular circulation. The combination of the miracle stretch fibers and the specialized knitting process provides maximum adherence on the leg to resist slipping.

It’s no wonder that The Simcan Comfort Sock® has become Canada’s favorite affordable
health sock.


All Simcan socks are sized according to the size of the foot not the gender of the wearer. For this reason we have adopted an easy-to-follow system of sizing our socks as small, medium or large. Simply look for the size chart on the back of the packaging; match your shoe size to the coloured   tab and you have found your sock size.



Women's Shoe Size 5-8 1/2 9-12 1/2
Men's Shoe Size 4-7 1/2 8-11 1/2

Favourable for the
following conditions:

  • Edema
  • Diabetes
  • Poor vascular circulation
  • Arthritis
  • Wide ankles
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