EnVy Spa Pillow
EnVy Spa Pillow
EnVy Spa Pillow
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Envy Spa Pillow

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Envy Spa Pillow

Great way to introduce the enVy pillow's amazing feel and support while your client is receiving your treatment or procedure.  Its unique patented design, canadian made memory foam mini-pillow is covered with a soft breathable waterproof cover which is easily wiped with a disinfectant between cleints OR can be removed to wash.

Why Use the enVy Spa pillow while you do your handiwork?

One of the most common complaints during aesthetic or therapeutic treatments is neck discomfort and a lack of feeling supported. We have endless anti-aging specialists who use the enVy Spa pillow while treating their clients.

The enVy Spa pillow is being used as a comfort positioning during:

  • Surgery
  • Post operative recovery
  • RMT treatments
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Aesthetic/ Cosmetic Injections
  • Acupuncture
  • Lash extensions
  • Permanent Make up applications

The enVy Spa pillow is a "must have" for patient positioning that decreases anxiety and increases comfort. The bonus is that the spa pillow is a great way to introduce your client to the benefits and features of the full size enVy pillow.

How Does the Spa Pillow Work?

When your client is postioned on their back, have them place their head squarely in the centre or the “sweet spot” of enVy® with the neck support centred under their neck allowing the pillow to custom fit to their head and neck. They will feel the support and subtle traction on their neck and the weightless cradling of their head. When turning to your side, stay in the centre of the pillow.  In this position you will find your head and neck are well supported with a subtle off-your-face positioning (this minimizes face-to-pillow contact which is ideal for TMJ sufferers or to simply minimize sleep lines).

*For optimal spinal alignment during your treatment, a pillow should be placed underneath the clients'  knees.


Class 1 Medical


Professional Price: $78.95 CAD