How to choose the right Oil, Lotion, Gel or Creme?

Ask yourself what are the most important features to you when selecting the right medium for yourself and clients.

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Showing 1–12 of 97 results


Showing 1–12 of 97 results

  • I want something safe for my skin.
  • I have skin sensitivities. Products that are non allergic are important.
  • Price is my most important consideration.
  • We have a spa/clinic and need to purchase in bulk. Longevity of product and preservative features are a serious consideration.
  • We have a wide range of Vegan and Organic clients. Certified organic products are the main consideration.
  • Our premises are nut free, paraben free and fragrance free. Our products must reflect our standards.
  • Our massage mediums must wash cleanly and easily from the sheets

As you are the one coming in contact with your creme, lotion, gel to oil products, we think you should put yourself first.

The products in this section are “food for your skin”. Oils, Lotions, cremes and gels will be absorbed directly into your skin for many hours during the day. During your role as a professional, we urge you to take this into consideration when making your selections.

As spa and clinic owners you will find you may need to have a variety of products available for your clients and staff. Balancing price against the cost of washing and usage per client is also a consideration. Sometimes the least expensive oil, is the most expensive product to wash.


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