What are Percale Sheets?

Percale sheets are cool, crisp sheets that resist pilling. Available in 100% cotton or cotton/poly blends. Generally, the higher the cotton content of the fabric, the softer the sheets. Our Percale sheets are available in Thread Counts from T200 (lightest) to  T250. See How to Care for Your Massage Linens.


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Showing all 10 results

What is Thread Count?

Percale thread counts refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. The percale weave is durable and smooth to the touch. Percale sheets may feel softer after each washing. One hundred percent cotton percale sheets often feel cool and crisp against the skin. We recommend using percale sheets during warm weather for your clients comfort. The ideal thread count is between 200 and 400 threads per inch.

Thread Count Myth

High thread counts do not necessarily mean high quality. Why? Looms are limited to working with 400 threads. High-end sheets achieve actual thread counts over 400 by using very, very fine yarns. Often less expensive sheets create a thread count higher than 400 by adding shorter, thinner pieces of yarn to longer pieces or counting the plys within a yarn and not the yarn itself. This can double or even triple the actual thread count, however it does very little to improve softness or wear of your sheets.

Truly luxurious sheets often have thread counts lower than 400. The Westin Hotel’s Heavenly Bed is made with polyester/cotton blend sheets that range from 200-250 thread count!  Thread count is important, but most importantly is the quality and length of the cotton fibres used in the weaving process.


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