Why select Microfibre Sheet Sets for your clinic.

No doubt, cotton sheets are more breathable than microfiber. Microfibre sheets do not trap heat as easily as natural fibres. However, microfiber sheets can be more durable than cotton sheets. Natural fibers, especially less expensive cotton sheeting with low thread counts tend to break down more easily with frequent washes.

Stain repellant

The main advantage of microfiber massage sheets is that the fibers are so finely woven that they become incredibly tight. This makes them very good at repelling stains, something all massage therapists and spa owners struggle with.


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Showing all 5 results

What is Microfibre made of?

Sheets made of microfiber fabrics are composed of very fine fibers of polyester. They are soft, affordable and they resist pilling better than traditional polyester fabric does.

Do Microfibre sheets breath?

As a manmade material, sheets made from microfibre will not breathe as well as cotton or bamboo, or any other natural sheet fabrics. Microfiber sheeting does offer a warm and comfortable sleeping experience.
However, if you or your clients are prone to getting hot while relaxing you may want to stick to percale or flannel sheets.

Body Best Microfiber sheets are thin, strong and exceptionally comfortable.

Washing Microfiber Fabric

We strongly recommend selecting the cold or warm water setting on your washing machine when washing microfibre. Please be aware high water temperatures can actually melt the fibers of these sheets and leave your microfibre sheets permanently wrinkled and uncomfortable.
Caution Do not use fabric softener on microfiber sheets.

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