Bring on the calmness of a spa into your living and work area with Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal Lamp. This lamp is handmade from 100% pure Grade A Himalayan Salt which has therapeutic properties. Certified by CSA, it can be kept on for 24 hours. The light can be adjusted with an adjustable rotary dimmer.



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Showing all 4 results

How to use your Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal Lamp?

These lamps are made with real 100% Himalayan salt so turning and keeping them on for 24 hours is highly recommended. It helps deal with the moisture emitted from the salt. Turning them on keeps the lamp dry. We suggest putting a cover underneath the lamp to protect the surface on which it is kept. In case you are away for an extended period of time, it is advised to turn the lamp off.

Where can you put your Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal Lamp?

  • Massage room
  • Meditation room
  • Exercise, yoga or pilates studio
  • Waiting room or lounge
  • Bedroom or living room
  • Near TV or computer
  • Child’s bedroom – it acts as a great nightlight
  • On your office desk

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All our Himalayan Pink salt lamps are Handmade
Made of 100% pure Grade A Himalayan salt
Each lamp comes with rotary dimmer to adjust the lamp from very dim to full light.  Each lamp is CSA certified – check the sticker on the cord
Varying colours will display due to copper and iron present in it.
Pink Salt lamps are available in the following dimensions.


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