10 Effective Study Habits for Successful Students:
  • Studying TipsSet a daily schedule and mark your calendar.
  • Study at the same time each day.
  • Study at the same place/room each time for consistency.
  • Set realistic length of time and include small breaks to refresh
  • Eliminate lifestyle distractions like facebook and other social media.
  • Organize your tasks for each study session.
  • Tell friends and family not to call you during study times.
  • Study at a desk with a comfortable chair. Ergonomics is key.
  • Ensure proper lighting while studying
  • Don’t eat a big meal before studying. Prepare healthy snacks.
Why Should I Network?

Networking is a great way to interact with others to exchange information and develop contacts to further your career. Whether it’s just general conversations or specific groups, any conversations you have about you and your profession can lead to successful accomplishment of your goals.

Helpful Networking Tips for Beginners:
  • Collect business cards everywhere you go; you never know who can benefit your journey.
  • Get to know as many people as you can; it’s not what you know, it’s who and how many you know.
  • Join groups or create your own group.
  • Differentiate yourself – give potential colleagues and clients something to think about.
  • Follow up with those you might have had discussions with.
  • Build trust.