The use of your equipment is its greatest value – not the ownership of it.

Leasing equipment delivers the capacity you need with the flexibility to structure payments to maximize its return over time. Catalyst Finance can help you finance and obtain equipment while offering you many benefits that can help you grow your business.

Benefits of Leasing:

100% Financing
    • When you borrow money from a bank, they usually require a 10% to 20% down payment. With leasing, your first payment is usually all that is required at the time of signing.
Improves Your Capital Position
    • Leasing helps you spread out the acquisition cost of your equipment over time, freeing up valuable capital for emergencies and opportunities. Cash in the bank helps you weather the unexpected.
Simplifies Budgeting
    • Lease payments remain fixed over the term of the lease, which makes budgeting cash flow requirements easy.
Preserves Existing Credit Lines
    • You are able to get the equipment you need today without tying up other valuable credit lines.
Protects Against Obsolescence
    • You can upgrade your equipment at any time without a penalty. Stay ahead of the competition with current products and technology.
Tax Advantages
    • Depending on the circumstance, lease payments may be 100% tax deductible as an operating expense. Consult your accountant regarding the nature of deductions for your situation