You can easily bottle these blends to gift to your friends, family, and customers! Need glass amber bottles for blending? We carry these in various sizes including 5 ml, 10ml, 30ml, and 50ml along with droppers, lotion bottles and caps. Please note, you should always use amber glass bottles for creating your own essential oil blends. The amber glass provides optimum UV protection for light sensitive essential oils. Look no further for all of your essential oil blending needs this holiday season! A wide range Carrier Oils are always in stock.

A diffuser will naturally disperse the essential oil scent throughout your space whereas candles and air fresheners disperse potentially toxic, synthetic fragrances into the air. Additionally, you have the flexibility to craft your very own scents. Don’t like a particular essential oil? Add less drops to the blend, or replace it with an essential oil you love!

Amber Glasses All Sizes