Ethics and Professionalism for Regulated Healthcare Professionals,   Massage Therapy Edition


Message from the Author

Thank-you for your commitment to professional development in the area of ethics and professionalism. Subsequent to the workshops that I conducted, I received feedback from a number of participants who expressed the wish for a course text that could compliment and support the workshop.

Approximately one year latter, it is my pleasure to introduce Ethics and Professionalism for Regulated Healthcare Professionals, Massage Therapy Edition.  Although there are a number of texts available on the topic of ethics for massage therapists in North America today Ethics and Professionalism represents a very unique text book offering.

There are a number of important features that make Ethics and Professionalism a unique and distinctive curriculum offering.  Some of these include;

  • Ethics & Professionalism is custom tailored to the registered massage therapy student
  • E& P is a Canadian text and is designed to support the Canadian educational experience by providing relevant Canadian content where applicable and necessary i.e., Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics documents for quick reference.
  • E&P is the most know legible and best informed text on the market
  • E&P is written by a subject expert with the highest level of credential in this area of expertise i.e., PHD in Medical Ethics
  • The author is the acknowledged subject expert on ethics and professionalism in massage therapy in Canada i.e., Cidalia Pavia's work is recognized by the CMTO, Massage Therapy Canada Magazine, the MTA BC, MTA (Alberta)NHPC and her resume includes four texts, 60 articles and 35 speaking engagements
  • The author also has over 25 years of teaching experience in the registed massage therapy field in both Ontario and British Columbia
  • The text builds on and supports curriculum content offered in the CMTO's recent Professionalism workshop and resource manual
  • The text is simply written, clear and accessible to all readers
  • E&P is a true ethics text, not a communication skills text or a compendium of themes on a variety of subjects labeled ethics
  • E&P is case study based and student learning is facilitated by the inclusion of clinical case studies taken from the real-life experience of working therapists across the country. The text provides students with a sampling of the kinds of issues and dilemmas they may potentially encounter in professional practice
  • E& P provides individual support upon request for instructors in implementing the text curriculum into the classroom


Please consider adding Ethics and Professionalism for Regulated Healthcare Professionals to your textbook list during your next curriculum review.

If you do decide that, you would like to add Ethics and Professionalism for Regulated Healthcare Professionals to your book list please contact Know Your Body Best to place your order.

Thank you for considering my request and for your kind interest in my book.



Cidalia Paiva PhD