Sphygmomanometer Recalibration Tip Sheet

Much like a bathroom scale, your blood pressure cuff gauge often needs to be recalibrated back to zero. If you notice that your BP Set is not giving accurate readings or if the needle is misaligned in its neutral state, it may be time to reset your gauge.

Follow the steps below to ensure your blood pressure cuff calibration of sphygmomanometer is always accurate:

Step one:

Remove the rubber hose from the gauge.

Step two:

Locate the two flat spots on the threaded area where the gauge connects to the hose.

With an adjustable wrench, firmly clasp the flat spots and gently turn. Be careful not to strip the threaded portion of the gauge. As you turn the wrench , the needle should move.

Step three:

Align the needle to sit within the rectangle at the bottom of the gauge. The rectangle is the “zero zone”. If your needle is within this zone, you should receive and accurate reading. Ideally, it should be in the middle of the rectangle (see image above).

Step four:

Reconnect your gauge to the rest of the unit and rest it.

If you are still not getting an accurate reading, check to be sure the needle is aligned properly and that you are using the unit correctly.

If you believe your unit is damaged, be sure you have filled in and mailed your warranty card to AMG Medical Inc. Your product is guaranteed by the company to be free from defect in material and workmanship; however, you must have followed the warranty instructions you received with your unit at the time of purchase.