What to Expect when you Order a Treatment Table at Body Best

A treatment table is one of the most important investments in any clinician’s business. It is, quite literally, the very foundation of most spa and therapy work. From selecting the right table to the day of delivery – there are some important factors to consider. In this new blog we discuss those in detail.

Massage tables, chiropractic tables, physiotherapy, and treatment tables come in a variety of sizes, upgrades, and formats. Most tables can be customized to suit the specific needs of the clinic.

Not only are they a costly investment, some of them are massive in size. Whether you are an RMT working from your home in Alberta, from a multi-room clinic in British Columbia, or a boutique spa in Ontario, you’ll need to invest some time and energy selecting the right table to fit your requirements.

Body Best has been in this business of spa and therapy supplies for decades. We offer a complete “end-to-end” service when it comes to choosing and delivering the ideal table for your needs.

Most importantly, we want to make this experience as seamless and pleasant as possible.

In this explanatory piece, we describe the steps for ordering a table from Body Best and what to expect during the entire process.

Selecting the Perfect Table

Before you settle on a particular table, please spend some time researching the options. Visit our website and browse through the entire catalogue of treatment tables, massage tables, electric lift tables, and portable tables. We offer a very wide range from respected brands in the spa, massage, and physical therapy industry.

If you need any further guidance, please call our friendly Table Experts who come with over three decades of experience in helping therapists in all modalities make the best choice. They will provide key details and describe the various customizable options, accessories, and upgrades, if any will provide a better fit for your needs.

In addition to the above, we showcase a wide selection of tables in our Etobicoke warehouse to view and compare in person. Although many of these tables are in stock, due to their sheer size, not all models may be on display.

Placing the Order

Once you settle on the perfect table option, placing the order is hopefully very straightforward. Our website allows you to select custom options such as upholstery colour and tabletop width. We’re also very happy to take your order by phone.

  • Due to the size and weight, most treatment tables do not qualify for free shipping
  • Body Best is glad to supply a shipping estimate at the time of your order

Preparing to Receive your Table

The journey from our warehouse to your clinic requires some careful preparation, and it’s important to be aware of some key considerations.

Tables, whether they are manual, electric, or stationary, can be very heavy. Although some tables are lightweight and portable, some of the electric lift tables we offer can reach 160kg (350 lbs) or more. This is a major factor to consider.

Treatment tables also usually ship packaged in wooden shipping crates that can increase the bulky dimensions of the delivery.

Your Table’s Destination

  • Where is the table to be delivered? Curbside, doorstep, or inside your clinic or home?
  • Are there stairs involved? If yes, are they broad enough and clear for delivery people to access?
  • Are there sharp corners or odd angles involved?
  • Will an elevator be involved in the journey? What is its maximum weight capacity? Does it have to be booked
  • This is Canada: Might there be snow on the ground on the date of delivery?

Prepare a space for your table: Find a suitable location for the table that can accommodate its bulky size. Even if you do not intend to unbox it right away, this is an important consideration before it arrives. Check for electrical outlets, and consider where the cord will lie.

Three Delivery Options:

  • Curbside: This basic option sees the table, in its packaging, delivered to the address (sidewalk or driveway) of the destination. Your team will have to take it from there.
  • Inside: For a slightly higher cost, the delivery team will move the table, in its packaging, indoors at your destination. This can be desirable if there are stairs involved for instance.
  • “White Gloves”:  Our premium shipping method has the delivery team remove the table from its packaging, and install it in its permanent home. We will assist with any assembly required and remove the packaging materials from your location.

On the Day of Delivery

Delivery of treatment tables can take several weeks, depending on availability (and as impacted by supply chain issues). Body Best ships via a reputable third party shipping company. Once your order is shipped, the driver will call ahead on the day of delivery to make sure you are ready to receive it.

  • Remember: You have the right to refuse delivery if the driver does not contact you ahead of time. They will have to make arrangements to return at a later date, when you are ready.

Things to note on the Day of Delivery

Keep your driveway clear: On the day of delivery, make sure your driveway (for home based therapists) is clear and the delivery people have clear access to move the table package to your doorstep or into your clinic. Keep an eye on weather conditions.

Clear the Corridors: If you have opted for in-room service, ensure that the hallway / path / corridors to the room are clear for easier installation.

In store Pick-up

Body Best also offers curbside pick-up and warehouse pick-up from our Etobicoke showroom for many of the tables, depending on inventory levels.

Table Accessories? We’ve got you Covered

Your table isn’t complete without the accessories you need to provide maximum comfort for your client. Body Best offers a complete range of quality accessories.

Here is a list of products to consider:

Order Your Table Today!

We hope this information provides some insights about the table ordering experience with Body Best. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-881-1681 or email us at [email protected] for any questions or feedback.

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