Learn how to choose the perfect heating pad for your clinic - Approximately 4 minute read article

A good massage is not just about oils and creams, but also about some soothing table warmers.

As we head into the colder months, table warmers must be one of the items on your shopping list. But, how to choose the perfect table warmer? There are so many different options to choose from, plus all the reviews. Here is a complete guide to pick the perfect massage table warmers for your clinic.

We don’t need to tell you what table warmers are. Just to put it simply, they are like sheets or pads that have a heat function. They can be laid on your massage table as an extra layer for ultimate comfort and relaxation, especially during the cold months.

How do Table Warmers work?

Table warmers work on the principles of heat therapy. Heat therapy also known as  – ‘Thermotherapy’ – increases the elasticity and core temperature of soft tissue. Applying heat to a particular area stimulates circulation and blood flow thereby loosening joints, easing pain, and healing damaged tissue. Heat therapy is typically used for stiffness and muscle pain. These massage table accessories provide a great base layer heat therapy for your clients.

Why should you Invest in a Table Warmer?

While massage therapist’s hands work wonders in releasing stress and muscle aches, the warmth of a table warmer is the perfect accessory to make massage experience even better.

What’s more? The heated pads can protect your valuable massage tables from oil exposure. They also add a layer of warmth to your table, comforting your client and preparing them for a relaxing treatment.

Consider the Different Features of Table Warmers when Purchasing

  • Material: Massage table warmers come in various types –
    • Fleece: Fleece table warmers give a luxurious, soft feel to your massage table. They keep the body warm and cozy during a massage session.
    • Non-Fleece: Table Warmers are also available without fleece. If you or your clients do not like fleece material, there are lots of fleece free options that provide the same benefits as fleece ones. It is a matter of preference.
  • Temperature Control: Table warmers have heat settings in the range of 86°F to 135°F. You can set the temperature as needed. When shopping for a table warmer, look for a fast heat up function that will help you save time, especially during busy periods.
  • Auto Shut off: Most table warmers come with an auto shut off function, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. Look for digital controls and timers that automatically shut down after up to 12 hours. Programmable temperature settings and auto shut-off features allow you to set it, forget it and focus on the comfort of your client.
  • Warranty: Premium table warmers and table toppers usually come with warranty. When you are choosing a more expensive one for your clinic, make sure you check for a warranty.
  • Cord Length: A longer cord is better, of course! You want the flexibility to use it anywhere in the clinic. Pay attention to the length of the electrical cord while placing your order. It should easily reach the massage table without impeding your movement while providing treatments.

How are Table Warmers different from Heating Pads?

Both Table warmers and heating pads work on the principles of heat therapy. One major difference between the two is that table warmers are like padded sheets that are placed on top of a table. While heating pads are placed on top of the body or specific pain sites to relieve body aches.

Table Warmers or pads are mostly rectangular in shape, while heating pads come in different shapes and sizes. Table warmers are designed to withstand body weight, while heating pads are not. If you are investing in table warmers, it is a good idea to invest in a few heating pads too. Read our article on how to choose heating pads for your clinic, for more details.

Table Toppers

Apart from table warmers, you can also choose heated table toppers too. They are foam padding designed to create superior comfort. Check out the Oakworks Heated Table Topper.

Dos and Don’ts of Using a Table Warmer

  • Make sure you fit the elastic straps on the table warmer to your massage table. This will prevent slipping.
  • Never sprinkle water on a table warmer.
  • Don’t use on bare skin if you opt for a high heat level.
  • Be careful of high heat settings, especially for long therapy sessions, as it can cause burns and skin redness.
  • Table warmers are meant for massage tables. They are NOT blankets.
  • Check for folds and bunches as this can cause excess heat, and can result in injury or fire.
  • Unfold completely for proper use.
  • DO NOT dry clean, iron, or machine wash a heated table warmer.
  • Only spot clean.
  • Always refer to the instruction manual for proper handling, storage and care.

Body Best Recommends

We carry a range of different table warmers that fit almost any table and distribute heat evenly. Here are some of our best selling table warmers:

Earthlite Deluxe Massage Table Warmer 

Earthlite Deluxe Massage Table Warmer

If you are looking for the comfort of fleece and heat in one, this is a great choice for you. It is functional, luxurious and provides comfort.

Oakworks Premium Fleece Heating Pad

Oakworks Premium Fleece Table Warmer

A bestseller and ideal companion for any massage table! Very easy to use with its LCD hand control for temperature settings.

Looking for more spa and clinic accessories, check out our Table Accessories section for more products.

We hope you found this article useful. If you have any further questions or need assistance with purchasing a table warmer, simply call us at 1-800-881-1681.