Thermophore Heating Pad

Heat therapy is often used to treat chronic injuries or injuries that have no inflammation or swelling. People suffering from joint pain or sore, stiff muscles can benefit from heat treatments. Heat therapy works to increase the elasticity of joint connective tissues and to stimulate blood flow, thereby loosening the joints and easing the pain. Tight muscles or muscle spasms can also be relieved by the application of heat.

Heating pads such as Battle Creek’s Thermophore can help immensely in easing joint and muscle pain. Battle Creek’s Thermophore is a professional quality heating pad that allows you to apply moist heat without adding water. A heating pad can be applied to an injury for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Ensure you use enough layers between your skin and the heating source to prevent burns.

Topical lotions are another effective heat therapy option that can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, heating pads. Cryoderm Heat is a heat therapy cream that targets muscle and joint pain. It can be used in place of massage creams during massage therapy treatments or after other heat therapy or cold therapy treatments. Cryoderm Heat’s unique combination of natural ingredients provides fast acting, deep penetrating warmth that eases all joint and muscle pains, from sports injuries to arthritis.

After a workout, cold therapy is the better choice for an aggravated chronic injury. As heat increases circulation and raises skin temperature, it should not be applied to acute injuries or areas of inflammation. You should see your doctor if your injury does not improve, or if it gets worse, within 48 hours.