Provincial COVID-19 PPE Requirments for RMTs

Provincial COVID-19 PPE Requirements

The following are the PPE requirements by province as of July 8, 2020. There are Provincial COVID-19 PPE Requirements that are unique for each province. We outline what each province has determined mandatory for mask, gloves, disinfectants, face shield, and gowns use. Please remember gloves do not replace the requirement for proper hand hygiene and…

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Decoding Disinfectants : Make an Informed Decision

Decoding Disinfectants: Make an Informed Decision

Cleaning and disinfecting have become a front line defense to keep all of us safe from bacteria and viruses. During this current COVID-19 health crisis, there has been an increased demand for cleaning and surface disinfecting products. Public fear of germs and bacteria is at an all-time high. This has led to the increased production…

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7 Things you need to know about face masks

7 Things You Must Know About Face Masks

1. What Do Researchers Say About the Effectiveness of Masks? There is no doubt, face masks provide significant protection from COVID-19, and other infectious diseases. Recently published research results have clearly indicated that face masks prevent transmission of various bacteria and viruses. In the first part of their study, researchers examined exhaled breath and droplets…

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How to make a informed decision when choosing a hand sanitizer

How to Choose a Hand Sanitizer

Handwashing is a scientifically established method to reduce and prevent diarrhea and respiratory illness. Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Government health ministries and the World Health Organization (WHO) have put hand hygiene as the most effective means of preventing the spread of the virus. The increasing awareness of hands hygiene among…

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When is it better to use massage butter than massage cream?

Massage Butter vs. Massage Cream: When to Choose a Massage Butter

Massage butter vs. massage cream—which is which? As a massage therapist, it’s important to know the difference. So, do you? Have you learned the best uses and benefits of massage butter? When is it better to use massage butter than massage cream? If you’re not sure, but you want to be, we can help. Below…

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The benefits of aloe vera products for skin

The Benefits of Aloe Vera Products for Skin

Aloe has been used for centuries as a natural solution for burns, rashes, and other skin issues. Now, there are 21st-century studies to back it up. Research shows that aloe is effective against such skin conditions as psoriasis, skin ulcers, and painful wounds from burns. Aloe vera is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness…

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Discover the benefits of prenatal massage for you and baby

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage for You and Baby

You already know that therapeutic massage can improve your health, soothe your stress, and ease your muscle tension. Could it also help you feel more relaxed, centred and comfortable throughout your pregnancy? Prenatal massage is a hot topic among the pre-birth community. Is it safe? If so, when do you have the green light to…

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How to Wash Your Hands to Prevent Illness

How to Wash Your Hands Properly to Prevent Illness

It’s not just the beauty industry that loves to love our skin. It’s also the healthcare and medical field. Medical experts know that handwashing is the first step to preventing illness. Our skin isn’t just our glory; it’s also our barrier against the outside world. So, how can we maintain our barrier? By following these…

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Effective Essential Oils for Headaches

Effective Essential Oils for Headaches

You understand how painful and distracting headaches can be. Your clients are likely among the 6 million who deal with headaches and migraines, as well. Fortunately, there’s an all-natural answer to headache relief. Like massage therapy, essential oils have been praised for their healing properties for centuries. Together, massage and essential oils can deliver powerful…

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Float Therapy

Float Therapy: Joe Rogan Vouches for It, would You?

Approximately one-third of people throughout the world suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. There are lots of natural treatment options that these people can use to manage their anxiety symptoms and improve their quality of life, from massage to aromatherapy. Over the last few years, the use of float therapy in a sensory deprivation…

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Does cupping therapy work?

Does Cupping Therapy Work?

Have you ever noticed small, circular bruises on the skin of your favorite Olympians or athletes? These marks were an especially hot topic following the 2016 Olympic games where U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps took the world by storm. Not caused by rough-housing or injury, these hematomas are the result of a process known as cupping.…

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