Does cupping therapy work?

Does Cupping Therapy Work?

Have you ever noticed small, circular bruises on the skin of your favorite Olympians or athletes? These marks were an especially hot topic following the 2016 Olympic games where U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps took the world by storm. Not caused by rough-housing or injury, these hematomas are the result of a process known as cupping.…

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When to offer deep tissue massages

Addressing Client Needs: When to Offer Deep Tissue Massage

When a client thinks about massage therapy, they probably think of soothing, gentle touches to work away stress or anxiety. But some types of massages are a bit more intensive. The term “deep tissue” is common in the massage industry—for good reason. Deep tissue massages are designed to focus on the deeper layers of muscle…

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A Complete Guide to Holly Massage Oil vs Fractionated Coconut Oil

A Complete Guide to Holly Massage Oil vs Fractionated Coconut Oil

As a massage therapist, you know that selecting a good massage oil is essential if you want to be able to perform your job with ease and help your clients relax during their treatments. What kind of massage oil are you using right now? Are you relying on holly massage oil, or have you selected…

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Experts explain how to shop for towels like a pro

Shop for Towels like a Pro

Some would argue expensive towels are the best. Some would say – who cares – buy any. So who is correct? Actually, neither! We did a little survey. We asked women who’ve been selling towels for over 10 years – what people look for when they buy a towel? The top answers were – price,…

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How to Choose the perfect Heating pad

How to Choose the Perfect Electric Heating Pad?

Many people choose heating pads over painkillers. And why not? Unlike painkillers, they don’t have any side effects. The only catch here is to pick a perfect one to suit your needs. Then that heating pad will take care of you — literally! Why should you use an electric heating pad? A heating pad essentially…

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Bright Yellow Sunflower Flower

Benefits of Using Sunflower Oil

As a massage therapist, you are required to carefully consider the ingredients of each product you choose to use as a skin lubricant when applying your craft and treatments. Not only for your client but also for yourself. Each and every ingredient within the lotion will be absorbed into your body via your skin. It…

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Benefits of Using Magnesium

Top Ten Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral found in the human body. Magnesium plays several important roles in the health of your body and brain. Here are 10 health benefits of magnesium that are supported by modern scientific research. Top Ten Benefits of Magnesium Helps Increase Energy Calms Nerves and Anxiety Treats Insomnia Helps You…

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Oakworks zero gravity table

Why Buy an Oakworks Table?

Oakworks makes award winning spa tables, massage tables, treatment tables, and accessories designed to create the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Oakworks is known for design innovation, sophisticated engineering, and quick turnaround time. Every table built in the modern manufacturing facility comes with the reliability that today’s healthcare professional demands. Oakworks offers…

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Himalayan Pink Salt in Glass Jar

Incredible Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

What is with Himalayan pink salt? Himalayan salt or “pink gold” is all the rage right now – used in the kitchen to the bathroom and every room in between. So what is the big deal? It is believed that pink salt helps purify the air, increase energy, elevate mood, alleviate mental and mood disorders,…

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use essential Oils bottles and herbs

Using Essential Oils

Many aromatherapy clients ask how to use Essential Oils. Below is a quick guide for you and your clients seeking answers about essential oils and how they can be used. Please remember essential oils should always be used under the direction of a professional trained in the proper and safe use of essential oils. Essential oils…

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